1. If you were to buy ONE luger, what Luger would we recommend?

    Answer:  We get this question a lot.  First I would start with an era.  By far, the most popular Lugers are the Nazi era guns (WW2). However, I have people who don't want anything from the Nazi era (for obvious reasons) so for them I would recommend a WW1 luger. Now that we know the time period of interest, this leads to the TYPE Luger you want.  The most popular Type luger would be military issue with military proofs on the gun.   So in WW1 it would be a German military issued gun and in WW2 era (most popular) it would be a Nazi issued and proofed gun.   The commercial Lugers from the pre-war period as well as the between war period are NOT as popular and harder to resell when the time comes to divest.   Also, post WW2 lugers are much less desirable.  Following the military luger in popularity would be the Police issued guns.  There are various types of Police guns and Legacy Collectibles can walk you through those choice should you

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  2. BH Proof on Mauser SVW45 P.38

    BH Proof on Mauser SVW45 P.38

    Check out this SVW 45 P.38 we just got in. Post WW2 French manufactured but with a spread winged eagle stamped over the Nazi military proof stamp, and "BH" stamped into the frame. Research tells us that this means Austrian military. There is also a Mauser eagle/135 proof stamp next to the French star. I assume this means the French made this pistol from left over parts from the Nazi factory, then contracted/sold to the Austrain military/police. Feel free to add in any comments below! 

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