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  1. Is this NPEA Dagger by Karl Burgsmuller real?

    Is this NPEA Dagger by Karl Burgsmuller real?

    I recently received a rare NPEA (National Political Education Institute, or Nationalpoltische Erziehungsanstalt) youth dagger. I read that the NPEA was run by the Nazi SS beginning in 1933 for the Nazi youth ages 10-18. I found a few original examples online but couldn't find any like the one I had. This one has no emblem on the wood handle and weighs 12.4 oz. This seems light to me but I don't have any other similar daggers to compare the weight to. Usually I would chalk it up as a fake, and move on, but this one has light patina on the aluminum metal hand guard / pommel. Also I can see light horizontal machine markings on the blade, which to me are a sign of authenticity, but it could also be a forger's knowledge of the hobby... Anyone have thoughts? Thanks for any feedback...

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  2. possibly have a Model 1938 Carcano that was rechambered in 6.5x54mm?

    So my dad has this really old gun from WW2 that his wild guess was a "chinese mauser" and had no idea what the weird test tube shaped bullets it used were, only that they said TERNI 17 PG2315 on the rim (or at least the round he'd picked up to look at did). I did some digging and figured out they were 6.5x54mm Mannlicher-Schonauer rounds.

    So going off this, I had him send me a picture of the gun (it was super fuzzy so I didn't post it), and based on the extending metal infront of the trigger guard (the area where the clip sits, as it's a top loader), I deduced it must be an Italian Carcano, and the 6.5x54mm's wikipedia page mentioned that during German occupation, captured Carcano rifles were rechambered into that round for use by Greek forces. I sent him a few pictures of different Carcano rifles and

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