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  1. Browning Model 1910 Holsters made by Japanese

    Browning Model 1910 Holsters made by Japanese

    The Japanese were known for using mostly their own armaments, and were very proud of the firearms they produced. However, we speculate that the Japanese liked the Browning model 1910 (or maybe at least some officers did) because there are records and reports of Japanese soldiers carrying the model 1910. To further prove these reports, we've found a few model 1910 holsters that clearly look like Japanese production. They have stitching and leather styles similar to that of the early type 14 and type 94 leather Nambu holsters. See the photos below and weigh in if you have any further evidence of these claims. Why the model 1910?  

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  2. BH Proof on Mauser SVW45 P.38

    BH Proof on Mauser SVW45 P.38

    Check out this SVW 45 P.38 we just got in. Post WW2 French manufactured but with a spread winged eagle stamped over the Nazi military proof stamp, and "BH" stamped into the frame. Research tells us that this means Austrian military. There is also a Mauser eagle/135 proof stamp next to the French star. I assume this means the French made this pistol from left over parts from the Nazi factory, then contracted/sold to the Austrain military/police. Feel free to add in any comments below! 

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  3. Welcome to the New Legacy Community Page!!

    Welcome to the New Legacy Community Page!!

    We wanted a platform for our customers and fellow military collectors to post ideas, questions, discoveries, and give us feedback on their experiences with our company. We welcome all of you to join us on our Community Blog! You can create a new topic / post by signing in to you Legacy-Collectibles account, go to the My Account page, and you should see a link to "Add New Blog Post" on the left side navigation. You can also reply to any previous post by scrolling down to the bottom of that post's content, and clicking the open text field. Make sure you're logged into your Legacy account first! Thank you & feel free to reach out if you have any questions!!

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