Third Reich Lugers: An Illustrated Collector’s Guide to German Military Lugers from World War II

Type: Resource Book
Maker: Thomas Whiteman
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Year: 2022
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9/2/22 - Third Reich Lugers is loaded with photos and detailed descriptions of every Mauser and Krieghoff variation issued in Germany in the years leading up to and during World War II.

Organized to help you easily locate the information you need, this book has:
Army, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, Police, and commercial variations, plus mags and rigs, with distinguishing characteristics of each variation
An extensive list of over 1,000 known Krieghoff Lugers and orphan magazines
Hundreds of full-color photos of the guns, plus magazines, holsters, proof marks, and more
Historical information for each year of manufacture
Tips to identify guns based on markings and other detailed characteristics

Why would anyone want to collect Nazi guns? First, Axis pistols are full of fascinating variety in style, finishes, markings, and technical advances. Secondly, owning their weapons shows our dominance over the evil Nazi ideology. And lastly, it’s a smart investment! You’ll find accurate value estimates for each Luger variation in Third Reich Lugers to help make informed decisions on your WWII collectibles investment.

Tom Whiteman is a leading authority on collectible World War II weapons. Founder and president of Legacy Collectibles, his YouTube channel has millions of views and is approaching 100,000 subscribers for his informative videos. Following in the footsteps of Jan Still (Axis Pistols) and Don R. Hallock & Joop Van De Kant (The Mauser Parabellum), Tom has expanded on the previous information with his own observations and research.

Third Reich Lugers also contains handy QR Codes and links to take you directly to Legacy Collectibles’ videos for even more information. For both novices and experienced collectors, this book is an essential reference you will turn to again and again. Pick up your copy today and be sure to take it with you to your next gun show! 

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Condition New
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Maker Thomas Whiteman
Year 2022
Type Resource Book
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