.50 Browning M2 (Ma Deuce) - Semi Auto

Type: M2
Maker: Browning
Caliber: .50
Condition: New
Bore: New
Year: N/A
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2/24/15 - PC - This is a semi-automatic Browning M2 in .50 caliber. Other than the side plate, it was put together from an all original and matching parts kit from the AC Spark Plug division of GM. The KMP side plate is a necessary replacement to recommission the gun as semi automatic. As a result, these can be purchased in the same process as any other semi auto we sell. Upon request, items such as this, the MP38, MP40, and other fully automatic machine guns can be recommissioned as semi-automatic, often with all original parts aside from the side plate. Please get in contact with us if this interests you.
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Type M2
Maker Browning
Caliber .50
Condition New
Bore New