SOLD - Scarce Kongsberg Colt M1914 Rig - 1942 Mfg

Type: M1914
Maker: Kongsberg
Caliber: .45 ACP
Condition: ~80%
Bore: 6/10
Year: 1942
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28412 - 25024

11/20/23 - In 1914, Norway began producing a copy of the Colt 1911 to be the standard military sidearm, and named it the M1914. From 1940 to 1945, its output fell into the hands of Germans and led to production of these pistols that saw use in the various German military and police branches. Unlike the later waffen marked variants, the earlier pistols likely saw actual use during the war. This particular pistol was made in 1942 for use by the Germans and is one of only about 8,200 produced under German occupation. All numbered parts match, including the original barrel.  It was standard procedure at the Kongsberg Arsenal to number almost every part in the gun. This shows that all parts are original to this Kongsberg Arsenal produced gun. It comes as a rig with two correct magazines and a rare wartime modified tan leather holster with an extra pocket for the magazine. The gun itself has retained roughly 80% of its original finish. The majority of the finish loss is on the grip straps, but there is some minor wear on both sides of the frame and around the muzzle. Fitted with excellent period-correct wood grips. The rifling in the bore is fairly worn with pitting throughout.  More info below:


The Norwegian Model 1914 was a modified copy of the Colt 1911 and was manufactured
under license by Kongsberg Vaponfabrik to be the standard military sidearm of Norway and named it
the M1914. From 1917-1939, 22,311 M1914s were produced for the Norwegian military.
Nazi Germany invaded Norway on 4/9/40 and fell on 6/10/40. The Nazis then took control of the
country and started production of the P657(n)- the new German designation for the gun - in 1940.
From 1940 to 1945, the Nazis produced a total of 8223 P657(n) pistols – 50 in 1940, 4099 in 1941, 3154
in 1942, 0 in 1943&44 and 920 in 1945.( There are conflicting numbers with Jan Stills Axis Pistols
copyrighted 1987 but the following link is copyrighted 2009 but they are close. Hat tip:
Only the 1945 dated pistols had military acceptance stamps (E/WaA84). The 1940-42 pistols are
identified as Nazi occupation pistols by serial numbers only (22312-29614 per the Kongsberg-Colten
book). This 1942 pistol, SN 28412, falls in the correct range and can be traced to a manufacturing date of
4/21/22.Unlike the later 1945 waffen marked variants, these earlier pistols likely saw actual use during
the war. This particular pistol is one of only 8,223 and one of 3154 dated 1942 produced under German
occupation. How many are actually still around is anybody’s guess as lot of these were issued to the
Kreigsmarine and are probably rusted away on the bottom of the North Atlantic!

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Condition ~80%
Bore 6/10
Maker Kongsberg
Year 1942
Type M1914
Caliber .45 ACP