1949- P-18 Special Deluxe Convertible

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I am not a "car guy" but appreciate a quality LEGACY COLLECTIBLE!! Selling this one on consignment. It is located in the Toledo, OH area. If you appreciate the historical value of originality, this Plymouth will appeal to your taste. A real time capsule that provides some history into how these cars appeared back in the day. This automobile is in amazing, original condition. It is a 63 year old snapshot of history that includes character marks of its' past. Proudly showing bumps and bruises that indicate a life of gentle use and care. It is not perfect. It is not a 100 point show car. It is a beautiful, running example of a 1949 survivor automobile. Except for the top and transmission, this automobile is unrestored. A true survivor showing a little more than 48k miles. The top was replaced approximately 20 years ago. It is in excellent condition and operates smoothly through the full up & down cycle. An overdrive transmission was installed sometime in the past. It shifts smoothly and accurately. A real pleasure to drive. New tires were installed in front. A very good pair of used tires on the rear. All fluids have been changed. Fresh plugs & wires. New distributor cap. Four wheel cylinders have been replaced. The remaining two were rebuilt. Brakes bled and filled with DOT 5 silicone fluid. Engine idles at 400 ~ 500 RPM. Very quiet. It drives very smoothly. No funny habits. Stops straight and accurate. A real nice cruiser. Everything is functional except the radio. For more photos CLICK HERE

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