Cased Infrared M3 Sniper Scope

Type: M3 Infrared Scope
Maker: American Optical Co
Caliber: N/A
Condition: Excellent
Bore: N/A
Year: WW2
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2/8/24 - Developed during WW2, the M3 was named a "sniper scope" in official nomenclature to obscure its true function as an early infra-red night scope, capable of spotting targets at over 100 yards and detecting other IR-sources up to a mile away. Mounted on an M1 semi-automatic carbine, the scope could be used by night sentries to detect incoming sneak attacks, and direct outbound machine gun and rifle fire with tracer rounds. The scope measures 16 inches long with a Army Corps of Engineers/American Optical Company markings on a sticker on the right side of the base. In a green painted hardwood case with white stenciled "U.S./SNIPERSCOPE/INFRARED/SET NO.1, 20000 VOLTS" on top of the lid, another Army Corps of Engineers/American Optical tag on the inside. The case contains the original pieces, including the power pack and its rubberized canvas pouch, the attaching wires, handle, etc. This listing also includes an additional power pack attached to a battery assembly, another battery assembly, 1-battery cage, 2-reticle rheostats, 2-potentiometers, a replacement electron tube and an original manual.
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Condition Excellent
Maker American Optical Co
Year WW2
Type M3 Infrared Scope